#3 : Vidia’s Wedding (1)

Juni 22, 2011 § Tinggalkan komentar

Two or three months ago, IPA A got mess. Those all are due to Aas whom told us that there would be member of IPA A get marry soon. That news got us flustered, and guess who was that person. One obvious clue is the marry one must be a girl. There are so many suspicious friends at that time. Siti and Faiza on the top position as suspected.

When we tried to discuss this topic on Facebook group, we couldn’t still reveal the truth. It merely starting us to quarrel each other. Aas and few others whom already know about this news tried to be moderate and keep this secret until the marry girl told them to do so. Argggh, that made us irritant. Why just tell little part unless you told us the whole story.  Several friend keep asking me by phone, chat. Yet, I dunno either.

One day, on a tremendous morning, Vidia (My Senior high pal in ITB) come to my boarding home after sent me text the day before, she said that she wanna give something important. Suddenly in front of my fence, She gave me something with purple hue. I definetely surprise, angry, and happy. You know what?
She gave me wedding invitation,,, jerk!!!

I just clueless, speechless holding those invitation, couldn’t believe what is happening. How cruel, how could she,,, She didn’t even tell me before that she gonna marry soon.

Two days afterwards, she told others via facebook. I do believe others will be so frustrated and got stress knew the shocking news. No one ever thougth before that Vidia will be the big three. All guess are definitely wrong.

Vidia would marry, it means we cannot do hanging out together again, the stuff we used to do with peri and gun. We clearly realized that she couldn’t be free as she is alone.

With her green hijab



Vidia is a great friends, so nice. She often cooks for us, treat us well as long we lived in Bandung. Sometimes she got wise, mature and sometimes she did childish and little bit weird 😀


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