This Is Indonesia

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This Is Indonesia

Indonesia, has been popular for large number of human population. Moreover, It has Bali and komodo Island as ancient inheritance. Those factors was prior things made Indonesia well-known all over the world. But, it was obsolent story to connect Indonesia with its beauty or uncontrolled birth. There is other thing in terms of Indonesian popularity this late. You know what??? For me, best phrase to depicts Indonesian popularity nowadays is Issue diversion

This is Indonesia. You’ll be overwhelmed by so many problems from different subjects. Religion, politics, culture, economics will sink your mind with endless clash . The most astonish part was those horrible troubles appear jostly. As if we’re not allowed to breathe, to solve it one by one, particularly. At last it ease us to summarize the conclusion, there is no single problem  tackled well and end happily. Mostly no end would be revealed and concealed by new and fresh problem. This circumstance happen again and again. Everyone realize yet no one could solve it, even by #1 person in this country, Our beloved president (do you?).

Recent case attracts people not only in Indonesia but also abroad is about bombing. Actually, suicide bomb or package-contained bomb has been well related to Indonesia. There are so many facts those explain how Indonesian could not loose from bomb terror.  Last week, utan kayu community became headline news on TV and newspaper. This is due bomb sent to their chairman, Ulil Abshar abdala. Unfortunately, book-formed bomb explode and injure a policeman.

So many reasons, pro and contra, to respond those bomb action. Some reacts and focuses their statement to the actor behind it. But, others thought in different way. They conclude bomb sent to Utan kayu community was other kind of issue diversion, to conceal another hot topics. As we know, before Utan Kayu community was attacked, government has been first striked by wikileaks whom reveal power abuse by SBY. Wikileaks recite that SBY command Hendarman supandji to stop investigation for Taufik kiemas on 2004. Beside that there is other abuse conducted by SBY

“The president reportedly also got BIN to spy on rival presidential candidates. This practice appears to have begun while Yudhoyono was serving as co-ordinating minister of political and security affairs in former president Megawati’s government. He directed the intelligence service to report on former army commander and Golkar presidential candidate Wiranto. Subsequently, at a meeting of Yudhoyono’s cabinet, BIN chief Syamsir characterised Wiranto as a “terrorist mastermind.”

Just in case, people may have different thought about bombing action occur in Utan Kayu Community, about issue diversion or another perspective.

Clearly, issue diversion is not happening once or twice. It happens for so many, many, many times. Do us remain updating about Century Bank, what about Gayus Tambunan, has he been punished? Further, will nurdin halid be reelected for PSSI? Is it true what Sepp Blatter says to ban Nurdin halid? What about fuel constraint? Obviously solved??

Wow, what a drama. Unfortunately it has no good scenario. There is no end. There is no way out. It abandon energy conservationof law. This is Indonesia, when you have a problem, you will create no solution.


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