Let’s inspiring Let’s care

September 20, 2011 § 2 Komentar

To look over my recent and old post in this blog ensure me that it is not worth enough to inspire peoples. After visiting kickandy web and browsing great blogs within, I felt disgrace by comparing our writing. There, I could easily find inspiring blogs. I could access Imanusman, 19 years old youth with remarkable achievement. Muhammad Assad, author of Notes from Qatar. Yoris Sebastian, Creative minded guy and so on. One certain thing is their writing deemed as inspiring one indeed.

While these young man have changed the world by their own means, I remain step on the same place. My articles has not contained great ideas. It is fed up with vague things. So far from inspiring words. I want to be such ImanUsman with his passion, affection could encompass so many youngster to support Indonesian Future Leader. I want to resemble Muhammad Assad, whom travel around the world and create super book.

I, you and everyone reading this articles should realize that we could do something for better Indonesia, for better world. We are possibly not a people with thousand prodigy but we are people with million dreams. So, let’s rock Indonesia, let’s Change Indonesia into better life with every single things we could commit to. Let’s see around us, what can we do for people surrounding. Start from the smallest, from ourselves, and start from now on.
Let’s inspiring, Let’s care….


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