TokkiPokki Launched

Februari 2, 2012 § Tinggalkan komentar

Taraaa… TokkiPokki was launched for the second.¬†After three months struggling with delivery concept, tokkipokki decide to open their own place. It is located on Jalan.Banda no.29, exactly in front of Jonas Photo.

The grand opening was conducted on Sunday, January 29th. Unfortunately I can not help much, so do Adha. Feel so sorry to Rani whom strive by herself. I am so so so proud of you and pay much respect for your own endeavour.

Could you imagine guys, Rani has done every detail of our tokkipokki. I bet you’ll be great woman one day. Amin.

Happy enjoy it guys. Dont ever forget to visit our Tokkipokki. Once you taste, you’ll find it best..


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