If I Got Stray

November 11, 2011 § 4 Komentar

Once upon a time, a boy prayed to the God and hopefully He would grant what he wished about. This boy didnt ask for ordinary stuff. He didnt pursue money nor wealthy. He asked for plea, simple and funny.

What do you wish about in this life”? God Ask
” ummm…ummm….” This boy mumble and ask doubtfully. Then he tried to continue his words

” If you don’t mind, I wonder that if I were stray one day, I want to get stray in Bandung”
“hmmmm….seems ridiculous. Actually, why do you hope so?”
God insist

“Because someday I want to deliver happiness to everyone.
and from what I’ve heard that peoples in Bandung always show you the direction, warmly point the right place, and keep their smiling to descibe where your destination is. They never neglect every lost person.
Hence I will keep questioning them where to go to spread joyful”. 
Boy explain vigorously.

“Hahaha..what a simple yet remarkable request. Then, Granted”

*Based on true experience by observing Bandung’s people.


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