New Chapter

Maret 21, 2019 § Tinggalkan komentar


Been almost a year neglecting this blog. I ate my own words when on the last time I look down to peoples who rare update their page. And now, I am that kind of person. However during my morning practice, I just remember the reason why this writing collection born. At that time one of my senior high mate was going to marry and to celebrate also to commemorate, I grab the debris of memories and displaced to this blog. Moreover, it last for almost 10 years, I guess until in the last two years, I lost my passion to write.

Next month is one of my best mate is celebrating his wedding. Actually it is not officially published since he needs right time to disseminate the invitation however it tickles me to return my writing and to update the story about him.

Eventually I updated my blog with english since I would like to improve my language competency. Yeah, I do it in my office daily to communicate and to report yet we used to use very formal grammatical in which I am dying of it. Thus I hope I can frequently update my blog as what I have been working on the last, almost, 10 years. Also hope to post in both languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English, so that I can transfer my opinion, knowledge, trivia things to word to type. Hopefully this practice will improve my english significantly.

Disclaimer: I dont get too much grammar and please dont be grammar-nazi.

*Deep praying*



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