Rain never changes!

Desember 2, 2012 § Tinggalkan komentar


Rain, no matter how it will still the same. Since you were a kid, you grow, married and have children. There is nothing change.

You will find no discrepancy, he falls jostly, incessantly without any hesitation. Once you loss your attention, you’ll get wet. What change is your reaction to face rain.

When you were a kid, rain can not stops your creativity, It becomes your inspiration though. You could fly over the rain, you run and hide with your pals, you easily race your paper-boat. Even if your mom scream and warn you again and again, you persistently argue and said “mom, I will be OK, I will dance in rain”

I dunno why, but kids really really love rain drops, dont you?

Once you were getting sick, do you blame rain? I do not think so. In a mean time, you wish to get fit as fast as you can, to play again with your surrounding, to yell at rain, to kick your friends.

When you grow up, did you enjoy the same?

Did you still walk through rain? did you open your T-shirt and run here there vigorously while sing aloud? Even us are getting scared with rain today.

Rain is not enchanting anymore. it loss its charm, We grumble!

Hey, re-ask your self? Who change? does it alter at all? or you, grown-up boy, who used to play with rain no matter how heavy it comes, but now transform into male guy with dozen fear?

Remember, Rain never changes!



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