May attack

Mei 9, 2012 § 4 Komentar

It is May attack. Again I repeat my sentence “wow, time moves fastly”.
Since the last posting on April, I rarely visit this blog. Somehow, I lost my appetite what to write. In fact, there are so many reasons to  push me to share my story. My day in Jakarta (uyeahh, been a month living in this “mad” city), Tokkipokki in magazine, jostle in train and whole new world lately.

Yet I dont think that I could update whole story in this one article. From now on I barely try to mingle with all new things here. With my job, atmosphere, customer and another “freak” things. My day is surrounded with blow moulding, blown film, FOC, VITO and surely you wont like it.

Due that, hopefully I still get any chance to tell anything through you, my blog. to share story, to enhance knowledge. And absolutely, update you in every single month.

Since we enter may, I wish that I could accomplish all duty well till I get ready to step on my own way.


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