Touchdown… 23!

April 2, 2012 § 1 Komentar



Today is April, 2nd. It does mean that I grow older. Yup, today is my 23rd celebration. Terrific. Time goes wihtout any hesitation. It just rushes and moves fastly. As if I barely celebrate my sweet seventeen, yet now I am encountered with my holly 23.

Seems odd, for last five years I used to get present from my pals. Surprise, gift colouring my birthday. However today is such totally abandoned. I purposedly not to announce my birthday on facebook notification coz I wanna know, anyone remember my big day, hehe. But I feel so confident,.

My fame, my closest friend and amazingly my boss realized this day. While others, seems drowned with their own sorrow. Hehe, Nope, its absolutely a joke. How could I feel burdened if only another friends do not notify my birthday.

On this day… I grant so many things to my Greatest Lord

1. I must be better for every single day

2. I must be better for every single day

3. I must be better for every single day

Yup, Those three things are my wishes to God. Another wishes is secretly kept just for Me and Allah.

FYI : 23 is identically with Michael Jordan Jersey at time he stand by Chicago Bulls



§ One Response to Touchdown… 23!

  • hendra berkata:

    kalo aku sih, dak tahu dan dak mau tahu men kau milad, dre.
    tapi karna terlanjur lihat ni di blog kau n fb. yo dah.
    walau berat hati, aku ucapke met milad sahabat!!! makin tuo be mak ni ari.

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