All-New Things

Januari 25, 2012 § 2 Komentar

January 2012 will be unforgettable month. All-new things happen and appear in front of me. Let’s start everything with critical decision I’ve made. Last December I register for doctoral scholarship in Sejong  University, Seoul and also apply for UTP scholarship in Petronas, Malaysia. I felt gloomy by deciding the next step of my journey, as if I lost and feel absurd to step over. Then I find a chance to get a job in petrochemical company.

Jackpot, Suddenly I pass those three chance in a row. First, Chandra Asri accept me as new employee, few weeks later those two university inform that I was offered to be their students. Wow, what a coincidence.

After think it over I decide to enrich my experience and join with PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical.And now I am gonna learn all knowledge here, to elaborate polymer world, to elevate team working and to know much more about company, management, and how they build their business.

All is running smoothly, no friction so far. I just keep learning about new things and applied what I already got in my university. Alhamdulillah, it is well related. Recent lesson has been evolved in this company.

Till now I still got vain deciding my next step of life, whether stay here for long time or move to another company or possibly continue my delayed study to accomplish doctoral degree. Certain thing is that I am not gonna work for whole life. Obviously all experience I got here will be my lethal weapon to build my own corporation one day. Amin!!!!

My senior told me “do not be loyal to your company, due it was what dog did”. Seems ridiculous but true in practice. Because people never get their satisfaction so reach your best passion. To make a great leap, we have to step back more,. Be tough to where you stand now and change it into your powerful energy to get better life.

The second thing is my childhood friend wedding. I felt so surprised knowing my little, smart and kind friend would marry. She is Dalilah. Cute girl whom I know since 5 years old. Together with Ali, the three of us always occupy big three in class rank. Not only in elementary school, fate destined us to assemble in Junior high and again to compete each other. However, she became so superior by not allowing another one to be best student for three years.

Dalilah is an intovert girl at first. She always spent her time by studying and studying. She always get good point and always loved by everyone. Her stunning face, and warm-heart ultimately seduce everyone to like her. Since Senior high Dalilah, Me and Ali get through different school. Surprisingly, Dalilah (Dila) got highest score for entry test for her school high whereas she got the best school in my town. Oh what a girl I thought.

And now Dila has married her workmate. Unfortunately I couldnt fullfill her grant to come to her wedding party. By staring at her wedding photograph I still couldnt believe that my little Dalilah has been married. For me she is cute, small, clever and cheerful Dalilah no matter she has been grown by marrying someone. Actually I have EVER been crushed to her for long time, but it was old time story. I will always respect and love her as a friend being.

P.S : Now I am singing “someone like you” by adele
hahaha…. just kidding


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