Januari 5, 2012 § 4 Komentar

Hello world, seems so long not to greet you all in this new year 2012… toet toet toet..oops, feel odd to sound horn while new year’s eve has been passsed for 5 days ago. Actually I welcome 2012 full of sorrow, watching movies alone in my boarding house without any friend nor food, poor me!!!

We all hope 2012 brings us brighter life, all the best thing embraces us and we got the best thing ever.

I would like to commence this novel year with telling you about old and passionate movie entitled Serendipity. I dunno whether you are familiar with it however for me this one is good drama movie enough.

Serendipity, have you ever heard this word during your english Class? Did your lecturer mention it for once? I don’t think so.
Serendipity means happy accident or pleasant surprise. This movie is all about love by chance. Seems weird, but it is. Once you meet your true fiance no matter what, you will make it happen even only by chance.

Sara who accidentally met Jonathan in a gift shop has crushed each other. Sara believe faithfully that everything has been destined. And she is so sure that if both of them are destined to be together so they will. Unfortunately, sudden meeting just end so badly. At that time Jonathan even doesn’t know Sara’s Surname. They two just leave another sign each other. Sara write her phone number and full name on first page of a book whilst Jonathan make it on $5 bill.

After 7 years, there are so many thing has change but one thing, their curiosity, their true feeling one and other. After complicated and mess pursuit finally they met and parampamm..they lost their word, realizing fate has been set perfectly.

Watch it, and fell the atmosphere by your self. Serendipity (in a terms word) is a great thing. Would you experience it?



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