Journey to Bima

Desember 7, 2011 § 2 Komentar

It was December 12th when I woke from my early slumber. 12 pm clock silently told me. With full of passion I grab my bag and hold my luggage. Get through the solemn night and walk calmly. Where to go?
It was my early story regarding journey to Bima.

Everything is began when my senior announce small project related to clean water procurement throughout remote area in Indonesia. This Project  sponsored by Fishery and Oceanography Department whom concern on Reverse osmosis instrument to transform salty water from the ocean into drink water. It would run for a month and empower young alumni from ITB and UI.

At first I actually feel hesitate to join due something to do. However I lately get involved by visiting Bima and its remote village, Kangga and Dumu.
Wow, its terrific!!!

For this long I’ve just heard and imagined how NTB is. I simply study Lombok, Sumbawa Island, Bima in my geoghrapy class. But now, I experience by myself, though I less know about Bima and its daily life. Just wondering great place to visit whilst accomplish my project. Play in the beach, stare to sunset, and got new atmosphere, new peoples with new culture will be my great experience.

That’s all are my lame story about bima. I definetely just arrive to this City and got relax for a while. It is difficult to access internet in Bima and much more difficult on its village thus I will not frequently update my post. If only I reach Bandung I will keep posting about this (hopefully) wonderful journey.



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