Pouring Rain

Oktober 23, 2011 § Tinggalkan komentar

Rain, It relates many stories. Reveal and not. Every time it comes, it embraces happiness. For me, rain means memory.

I am always dazzled with rain dance, wave and call my name to play with. At last, he gave me rainbow as a present. I used to play with raindrops, singing full of rejoice even my mom shout and rage to me. I ran, laugh, and simply happy no matter what.

Yeah, that’s my old story, dancing with rain. I never commit that thing at this age. Now, rain is not only about joyful, not about wandering with schoolmate anymore. Moreover rain and its raindrops pouring earth with more complicated ways. It falls, recite and reminds me about memorable things. One of most unforgettable moment ever.

Once upon a time, I totally get wet after fighting with the heavy rain. Sun has conceal from its authority, starting noon. I ride motorcylce, go through unfriendly wind and pouring water, vigorously came up to a place with raincoat hold tightly. This moment, when I fought horrible rain and take raincoat with me is a never-forgotten thing. It is so special till I keep this part as a memorable moment in my life.

Seems weird, why does rain and raincoat became such unforgettable stuff.

As I told before, Rain keeps relating so many stories.  Reveal and not. Let this story became holly and secretly keep by me and you over there. Someone who knows about this story…
Please, Let me bring you the raincoat. Once more.. I bet you like it, I will keep my promise. If I could bring you another raincoat!!



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