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Agustus 17, 2011 § Tinggalkan komentar

To be bewildered facing your future after fed up by so many subject in your university is a normal stuff. You got trouble where to step, what to do, what to act, somehow you made sudden decision. To play safely. It seems that you could take your part in multinational company at first, then you’ll stay there for few times. After that you resign and then build your own company. Yup, that’s my dream….

My another dream which is little bit unusual is to be Guess Star for Kick Andy programme. One day I must sit on that chair, gotta kicked by andy, talk to camera, inspire people. That is what I want…

Why? Because Kick Andy has inspired so many peoples with his guess star, and how he share sadness, inspiration, motivation which are so remarkable. In terms of inspiring,, It is great to able to inspire other people. With your own hand, with your own idea, with your own capacity you able to enlighten another mind, to enrich another idea, to motivate peoples. At that time you become Kick Andy Guess Star, you can conduct everything I said.

So, to be Guess Star I must do something great. Excellence work. Inspiring idea. And I hope Kick Andy would still alive till I made great things for Indonesia. Don’t be startled suppose one day I will be announce as guess star for kick andy. Trust me indeed



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