I hate birocracy

Maret 24, 2011 § 2 Komentar

Wow…what a sucks thursday
It begins after lunch.,,  At first,I did my thesis with high passion after having guidance from my supervisor  whom told me A to Z and  explained much thing with such adorable speech the day before.

And all change,, I came to my supervisor room this noon to tell him that my major chemical compund was about to run out and beg to obtain the fresh one. Briefly he said that he couldn’t grant my plea due to my research was not his main focus. It alters my mood suddenly then think deeply how to afford my necessity.

Arrghhh,,I wish I could take my salary.,, I hate birocracy. It hinders me to obtain my salary, my research fund.. As result I can not continue my thesis well. I really hate damn birocracy.

I summarized this horrible thursday due to annoying birocracy. It results on delayed thesis, run out chemical material and so on,,,

Really, I hate birocray. How could we have advance research suppose birocracy act as obstacle agent?

ooohh,,,what a horrible thurday .


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