Love at station

Februari 23, 2011 § Tinggalkan komentar

Oops…feel awkward to address my title with love.
Last night I got insomnia. I couldn’t have my sleep even though it is late already. 2.30 PM, clock tell me briefly. Then, I continue my adventure. doing some vague things. Flustered, I decide to watch long-saved movie in my netbook. I choose romantic comedy, My sassy girl.

Seems so late to watch this movie. Great movie. Sadness and humor well mixed,.
They meet at station,. A heart-broken girl met suddenly with heart-warmed man. They story then flowing smoothly.
In my opinion, this movie has created emotion for its audience.

For me privately, this movie seems inspiring much things. I dream that I could find my fiance at station also. I dunno why. It sounds nice to meet your fiance by accident. You even do not plan for that. But it comes to you suddenly, love at the first sight. Then you might left beautiful story for your generation

Love at station, is my wish. I hope I could realize what I’m dreamin of. To find someone special for rest of my life at station. No matter what country it will be. As long I meet her at station it will be nice.

Possibly some people thinks it is such ridiculous, to meet your future wife just by coincidence. But for me it is not. I’d better do what I love instead consider any other thoughts..
I hope God would Grant my wish.. Amin




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