Februari 22, 2011 § 4 Komentar

Have you ever waited for someone or something?
How does it feel?
Grunting, annoyed, angry and any negative stuff drowning our mind

You know what? mostly, part of our life spent by waiting. Don’t you believe?
Waiting has become an entity which is begun since our birth. We’re waiting for feed from our mom. We’re waiting to able to speak, to walk, to crawl, to run. Everything needs process and waiting is part of it. Part of learning to be better than recent condition.

Patience is well related to this subject. How could you walk supposed you are not patient enough to make it true. Kids are fluently to talk because they are patient to wait till the time, they wait for growing teeth, they wait to spell letter by letter. Believe it or not, sometimes we forget on purpose that we are in waiting process.

Growing older, life reach high complexity. Surely “waiting” keeps its position on rite manner. Senior Hi students waiting for their graduation, college students flustered for last exam to acquire their title, and also man/woman hope in hesitation for their love life, fortune and etc.

What about you? are you in waiting condition? waiting in vain?
If yes, so do I…

Whatever it is, make sure that you’ll wait for obvious reason. It’s better for us for having someone beside to wait anything in our life, than we’re not being lonely.


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