Letter for you

Januari 28, 2011 § 9 Komentar

Bandung, January 28, 2011

I sent this letter to you…
Without any envelope
do not need stamp

Feel to late to tell you about. About what has happened to me and you possibly. To yell what I feel, to know how you feel. Everything’s gonna be late. Coz of my ignorant, caused by my foolish. Now, all has gone, fly away far and further, out of reach.

I just awake from my sleep indeed. Never realize your existence. Never knew your feeling.

And now I am stunned for my unconscious. I Wish I could turn back time, begging I could say something to you before your departure. I am definitely wrong to bruist your heart, to maim it. Do not give you any certainty, and let you stuck on hesitation.

I sent this letter to you.
I hope you read it wherever you are rite now. I must admit that I wanna get serious with you. Do not play with your heart anymore.

I sent this letter for you..
To express what’s been juggling on my mind since you’re gone.

Maybe this letter is late enough. I still hope there is chance for me to mend anything between you and me..


I sent this letter special for you in the middle of my gloomy and my sorrow..
written on friday noon, surrounded by anyone. And now I feel crowd outside and empty inside


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