Januari 25, 2011 § 4 Komentar

Culun, that’s the first word comin to my mind. You can translate it as ignorant, innocent and genuine.. πŸ˜€

This noon, I got an email from my senior hi pal. It’s not an ordinary one, coz I know he never sent me bfore. Suddenly I open that email and gaze on it. I feel surprised when I realized that he sent me many old photographs, my senior high moment. Together with my classmate, with all stupidity and our innocence. what a relieve…

I laugh at my self, what an old time. It has passed away, my glorious time with my IPA A.

biology practical

farewell party

so ignorant

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hahaha..these all are li’l part of our togethernes. I’ll show you more…ready

sporty day

gaze on that photograph and Β it is revealed, taken on 2005. Wow,what an old moment, six years ago. But I can still remain to feel the warmth, the happiness, the joy you all brought to my life…
I hope, we will be friend forever guys…. no matter how “culun” you will be, I’ll stay beside you..

P.S : wanna sing “I’ll stand by you by pretenders



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