Especially For You

Desember 23, 2010 § 2 Komentar

Asian Football Federation (AFF) Cup 2010 has influence anyone in this country. So sudden men-women, boys-girls, and any diverse background are attracted to join its atmosphere, to get involve directly and indirectly by supporting, by praying and surely by watching every single match broadcasted by TV channel.

Those Euphoria lured me to hang out with my friend for watching first leg semifinal match, Indonesia against Philiphins (is it write spelling? hope so). We made it on Cafe Mataangin, coffe shop at bengawan.

We intentionally came half hour before match began to ensure that we got space. We beg any coffe and some food. When I enjoy my coffe suddenly I heard sweet song,

Especially for you, I wanna let you know what I was going through, all the time we we were apart I thought of you.
You were in my heart, my love never changed, i still feel the same.

That was part of the song, played harmoniously through accoustic guitar. No doubt, I love that song soon. Yet, I have no idea who’s the singer. I merely admire its accoustic and the music, it simply comforts me so much. However, I just take it easy, try to neglect what I’d desired about.

Sunday, Dec 19th 2010 I did my take home test with my buddies. We accomplished those “nitemare” till noon. It is definitely exact time for us to end that day by having 2nd leg semifinal Indonesia vs philiphine. Again, we chose cafe mata angin as our destination. It’s such a cozy place to gather with your pals. Moreover it is allowed us to access internet free and TV are adjusted to broadcast AFF Cup match.

Music were played at that cafe and suddenly I heard that great song again..

Especially for you,I wanna tell you I was feeling that Way too, And if dreams were wings, youKnowI would have flown to you, To be where you are.
No matter how far, And now that I’m next to you

My deep curiosity pursue me to find out, who is the singer. Then I ask my friends. After taking deep breath and much time to think, They told me, “it was MYMP and the title was especially for you”.  I immediately browse that song and download, Gotcha :D. I made it perfectly.

I dunno why do I love this song that much. Maybe, it’s combination between lyrics and music those creates great symphony.

You know what, I have played this song for many many many times this afternoon, even till this late I keep listening. I do not feel bored nor tired to listen and re-listen. I really really love this song. Connected to what I feel rite now? no idea….It is not a big deal whether it is yes or no, I merely love this song just the way it is.

At last, I only wanna share you all a good quote taken from someone’s blog and rewrite on twitter by my friend.

If you love someone your heart beats faster. If you like someone you feel happy.

It is not directly related between song and that quote, but for me… seems different!!! Do I dedicate this song escpecial for someone?? yes, Especially for you, whoever you are. This song is especially for you…


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