God-Level Exam

Desember 14, 2010 § Tinggalkan komentar

What a great title, sounds so tremendous. Isn’t it?
This morning I came early to my lab just consider to write ’bout those exam. Being weird, I desire to post this writing before anyone arrive to this lab due we have  discussion about god-level exam.

This week will be difficult. I will face two exams in a God level, hehehehe. It seems so excessive addressing both as god-level exam but that’s the fact. Quantum chemistry and mathematical method in physical chemistry is such a nitemare for chemistry department student. how could it be?? Both of them depicts us  how mathematics applied in chemistry. Combination between chemistry and mathematic create complicated subject. Moreover students are frightened and I am one of them, hahaha.

It will be started with quantum chemistry, Dec 16th followed by rest on Dec 18th. *wow, what a hard to write in english, needs extra energy 😀

Let me tell you  little about quantum chemistry. Quantum is related to minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction (wikipedia). Quantum or quanta emerge to replace classical theory about energy. Max planck act as pioneer to declare new concept of energy.

How can you find a particle located in a box?
This illustration is a tiny part of whole matter on quantum chemistry. We are supposed to predict energy of particle from hydrogen into many electron atom.  Beside that, we learnt schrodinger equation, Hartree-Fock, Heisenberg uncertainty and etc. What a nitemare!!!

what a creepy..^^

nitemare oh nitemare

And I, I simply do not understand what did quantum tell me about. Furthermore, second mid semester is totally more difficult than the first one. I’ve got to investigate energy of many electron atom by two methods, variation and perturbation theory. Hartree Fock equation needs to be solved and the rest matter seems resemble the other nitemare.

Levin, Quantum chemistry

And now, let me rock you with mathematical method in physical chemistry. what a lengthy title, that’s awesome. You can predict  what does it tell us? yap, you will be surrounded by theorema, formula and messy thing., as what math used to be.. :P. I assume you must realize why I name it god-level exam for this subject, no wonder.

For second mid test I must accomplish laplace theory, fourier transformation, homogen functiom, partial differential function. All of ’em is definitely not my favourite. I rather understand this one compared to its former. It’s supposed to be mathematical method contains more formula and mathematical stuff, however quantum chemistry deny it.

Boas, reference

Fourier series

I have describe my God-level exam. are you interested to add ’em into your class subject? Unless you are well motivated and hardworking person it’s better for you to neglect them, hehehe.

You can evaluate which one is harder and more difficult by your own. At last I beg you all whom read this article to pray for me. For my succes facing this exam. Do not hesitate, and I’m glad to hail you in my dreams..hahaha.

p.s : This title is simply a joke, so take it easy. Hence, I am monotheism. I am moslem, and I’m proud of it… 😀


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