Polyurethane for Sand Control

November 25, 2010 § 1 Komentar

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Sand production is one of the biggest problems in oil and gas production. Sand can damage the surface and down hole facilities. Sand production simply occurs in unconsolidated formation. To overcome this constraint, mechanical and chemical method has been much developed. In this research chemical method based on polyurethane, and organosilane is used to solve sand production replacing recent polymer.

Polyurethane is synthesized by reacting polyol and diisocyanate. Polyol can be produced from castor oil those are cheap and environmental friendly. Organosilane will act as a coupling agent, which can  bind with organic and inorganic materials. Hence it will enhance organosilane to bind strongly with sand grains.

In this study, polyurethane maintains stability of organosilane towards temperature and pressure expansion. Combination of organosilane and polyurethane will be injected into artificial cores to evaluate its mechanical properties with and without resin treatment. Those artificial cores resemble rock in a reservoir by utilizing data from the real field. It is synthesized to represent the real core in an oil and gas field. That core has 2:1 sand and cement ratio. Core test is conducted by using a triaxial stress instrument. Temperature will be raised until 80ºC to investigate stability of resin.

Lab test varies three adhesive material for chemical sand consolidation those are commercial epoxy,  furfuryl alcohol and synthesis polymer based on polyurethane (PU)-organosilane. Result indicates that new resin system based on PU-organosilane create stronger sand grains binding thus less sand is produced without reducing too much permeability and porosity compared to others.


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